Can’t Wait to See and Hear What He Has to Say to Me

Can’t Wait to See What He Has to Say: Cultivating Expectancy, Anticipation, and Eagerness toward God’s Word.

Recently one of our friends commented on a time when she had signed up with a Christian dating site on the internet. Soon she had developed a connection with one of the men on the site. She shared of the excitement that she had and the anticipation every morning of looking forward to seeing his picture pop up on her screen and reading what he had written to her. First thing in the morning and last thing at night she would check the site to see if there was a message from him.

She came to realize through that time and experience that her excitement and anticipation should be the same—or more so—for seeing the Lord every morning and reading His message to her.

Psalm 119:97
97 How I love Your teaching! It is my meditation all day long.

How do you cultivate and continue in that sort of passion for God’s Word? How do you keep a passion that causes you to long for His presence and to be eager to read His message. It is something that you have to focus on and put your mind and body to do every day. It’s something that can become a good habit, much like plugging in your cell phone to the charger. You know that you need to do that on a regular basis or it won’t be charged when you need it. Without spending time with God in His Word regularly you won’t have what you need when the time comes.

So do it. Look forward to it. Come with anticipation and expectation to the Word of God. Long to see and hear from Him each day, and discover a whole new level of life and love in your world.


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