The Laity is not the Land of the Loss

Life-Storms are not Something I am Immune To

People expect and anticipate that as a pastor I have a pretty “blessed” life and that few problems befall me.  While I would concur that I feel greatly blessed, the difficult truth is that I face loss and pain just like everyone else.  Unlike many other pastors, ministers, clergy, whatever title or category you want to use to label us, I feel that by sharing my struggles, pains, and losses I can accomplish a few things.

First, I want people to know that I am no some “super-spiritual” person who lives untouched by tragedy and pain.  I don’t live in a temple on a mountain but among the very people I’m seeking to share the grace and love of God with.  I work among you, and I struggle along side of you.

Second, I want to admit that I don’t do every thing “right.”  I make mistakes.  I do things that are wrong.  I make choices that are clearly not good choices, and I pay the consequences for choices, actions, and mistakes like anyone else.

Third, I hope that people can see that through my sorrows and suffering I can demonstrate how the presence and power of God can help us make it through—note I said through, not around – difficult circumstances in life.  It’s not about avoiding hardship, but about acquiring the ability to get through it.

So, with these goals in mind, over the next couple of postings I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I, Pastor Dave, have blown it in my life.  Some will stretch back over the years, and some will be recent.  My prayer is that God will reveal himself, even in some of the struggles that I’m still facing, and you will be encouraged to know that you are not alone in the struggles you face.  Our circumstances may not be exactly the same, but the experiences will probably be a little more similar than you expect.

With you on the Journey,

Dave “Big D” Bentley


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