Living Waters–Quenching the Soul-Thirsty

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People all around us are thirsty.  I don’t mean just dry mouthed or parched, I mean a consuming thirst that is so intense that they are driven to find something to satisfy it.  They are searching and trying everything they can, but most are discovering that what they thought my bring satisfaction has merely brought more thirst. 

People have turned to alcohol thinking that by drinking enough they would be able to quench that inner thirst.  It leaves them numb for a moment, but in the end it shatters their lives and they live with that thirst still present beneath the mental fog of a hangover.

People have turned to drugs to try to take the edge of that longing.  They try a variety of substances and discover that now not only are they thirsty still in their souls, but the talons of addiction have also embedded themselves in their lives and they are shackled by the constant need for more of something that cannot satisfy their need.

People have turned to relationships and sex to try to cover up the lonely longing they experience.  Young girls give away the precious treasure of their purity because some young handsome guy has promised to be all she needs, but in the end—even the most sincere of young men—those promises fall short and leave behind broken hearts and still thirsty souls. 

People have turned to religion to try to satisfy the spiritual and supernatural yearning thinking that the thirst can be subdued through ritual.  The pews of the average church are filled still today with the soul-thirsty and spiritually dead who have memorized all the rules and regulations but find that the longing within them goes untouched.  Still more have left the doors of the religious establishments of every creed because what they found there only increased their craving.


To the soul-thirsty of our community and world the words of Jesus’ invitation bring a promise that no man can fulfill.  on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “IF ANY MAN IS THIRSTY, let him come to Me and drink. 38 “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.'” (John 7.37-38)

This is not some canned promise that says that everything in life will be alright once you do this.  This isn’t a simple formula for success or fulfillment or a promise that your best day is now.  It is the assurance that even in difficult and trying times there will be a sufficient strength found in the fountain of Christ’s indwelling presence through the Living Water of the Holy Spirit which will flow in the life and soul of every believer. 

Ask any recovering addict and they will tell you that the road out of addiction is hard, and being a Christian doesn’t automatically make it easier.  Ask any of the myriad of single moms and they will tell you that the mistake of giving away their virginity in their youth doesn’t just vanish when they started following Christ.  Inquire of some of the religious faithful who left the trappings of a religious life to find the living relationship with Christ and they will inform you that their lives didn’t suddenly become a “bowl of cherries.”  

But for all of these people—and for me as well—there is the undeniable truth that something is significantly different.  The soul-thirst is satisfied as I drink from the well of living water.  Like with my morning coffee, it won’t just enter into me because I tell it to.  We have to go to the well.  Will you come?   Will you make your way to the well of Christ, bring your cup and drink, and receive the living water into your life so that you too will never thirst again.

If you have been to the well then it is time to bring someone else, cup in hand, to discover that Living Water themselves.  In a blink they can go from darkness into light.  Share the living water with someone around you today.

Look for the Well!


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