It Needs to Matter


Recently I had a brief discussion with a young lady about religion.  Her experiences had exclusively been in one particular type of church, and unfortunately had left her with a sense of bitterness and disconnection concerning religion and the things of God.  It was obvious she had some significant questions, but time did not allow us to delve very deeply into them.  I’m praying for another opportunity soon to share my heart with her. 

I think we need to make sure that our religion matters.  That’s what I gathered from her frustration over her experience.  It had been important to a lot of people in her family, but she didn’t see that it mattered to her personally.  Our religious experience should be significant and should leave us changed.  If we are connected with the God of the universe then how can that not matter.

For it to matter it should touch every aspect of our lives.  People around us should see that it makes a difference to us.  When I have opportunity to connect with her again I’m going to encourage her to look for people who she can tell their connection with God has made a real difference.  In the mean time I’m going to pray that she will be able to see the difference my relationship with Christ has made in my life. 

Would she see that if she were observing your life?

Here’s Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “The Change.”  Enjoy, and let it challenge you.


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