Marriage is Simply Divine–Part Five

The following is a message I wrote several years back as part of a class in Genesis.  It is a look at the Biblical pattern and design for marriage as God intended.  In our day and age of disposable relationships, throw-away marriages, and do what you want when you want behaviors,  we desperately need to be reminded of how this wonderful gift began and what it was meant to be.  Over the next few posts we’ll look at reminders that Marriage is Divine by Design.  -Blessings!


We have seen how God originated marriage in His own mind, and how He ordained it by bringing woman to man, and we have looked at the divine order of marriage seen in verse 24. In these closing moments I want us to consider why God created marriage. To do that I want us to look at a passage in Malachi.

“But not one has done so who has a remnant of the Spirit. And what did that one do while he was seeking a godly offspring? Take heed then, to your spirit, and let no one deal treacherously against the wife of your youth.”

Did you hear what God was looking for? Godly offspring. It doesn’t take much effort to look at the world today and see ungodly offspring. As the fabric of the family continues to deteriorate we will see more and more ungodly children growing into ungodly adults and the cycle will continue to repeat itself in an endless cycle, unless we start taking steps to end it now. One way to stop it is by educating people about the operation of marriage. There are two things we must understand concerning marriage in this light:

A. It is the only grounds for sexual purity.

Regardless of age, sex out of the bonds of wedlock is wrong. For a vivid picture of the cost of this terrible situation simply consider that in the area of Texas around the Dallas-Fort Worth area some 40% of all households are single parent families. In addition to the tragic consequences placed on the children of those homes there is also the threat of sexually transmitted disease and sexually deviant behavior that must be considered.

B. It is the only grounds for procreation.

Because sex outside of marriage is in defiance to God’s original plan, therefore marriage is the only grounds for producing and nurturing children. When marriage is permanent, as we’ve already discussed, those children have an opportunity to grow up and become Godly people.

A part of God’s intention when he ordained marriage was that from the union of the man and the woman would come offspring who would serve Him and enjoy fellowship with Him.


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