Are You Infecting People?

-Pastor Dave Bentley

Generally, when we hear the word contagious it relates to something undesirable; an Illness, a virus, a transmittable disease.  However, we are commanded by God to have a faith that is contagious.  What this means is that, as we live out our faith in our daily lives, when we come in contact with people our life should have an impact on them that draws them closer to God in Christ.  This leads us to a couple of questions that each Christian disciple must answer.

1.  Is my life “infectious?”  Would people want to “catch” what I have?

2.  Who is in my circle of influence that I can infect with the Good News of Christ?

The Apostle Paul recognized two critical things.  First, that if we are going to impact our community and culture for Christ then we need to be engaged with people, all people, even the people that can be difficult to be around (1 Cor. 5.9-10).  Second, that we cannot limit ourselves to just what is comfortable to us if we are going to introduce the lost to salvation in Christ (1 Cor. 9.19-23).

I wonder what might happen if every Christian who reads this would ask those questions and make a decision to become a “carrier” of faith with the goal of infecting as many as possible with the message of grace, mercy, and love found in Jesus Christ.  Take off the surgical masks.  Stop trying to “sanitize” your faith for others.  Be a communicable Christian with a contagious faith.


Pastor Dave


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