A New Year…New Opportunities

As we turn the calendar to the new year I begin a new chapter in life and ministry.  I am now the pastor of First Baptist Church in Wallingford, Vermont.  It’s interesting because this church is located just miles from where my wife and I started out almost three decades ago.  Over the course of the years we have traveled and served in a variety of places and ministries, but God has allowed us to return home and minister in an area that is near and dear to our hearts and lives. 

Looking Back

2013 was an interesting year.  There were many challenges and trials over the course of the year.   At the same time we experienced many blessings.  We did a number of things we had never done before and began new traditions for our family.  We were able to spend time with all our grandchildren over the holidays as well.  I’m glad to be turning the page to a new year, but I enjoyed the previous year too.

Looking Ahead

As I write we are experiencing the first winter storm of 2014.  We were blessed with a snow-day off from school at the end of our Christmas break.  (We are hopeful that tomorrow will be a repeat).  We are making plans for the year to come and have several things coming up as we both continue our education, begin the ministry in Wallingford and move forward in the journey we are on with God.

It’s going to be a great year.  Keep us in your prayers.


Dave “Big D” Bentley


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