Homecoming Sunday at Smyrna Baptist in Dothan, Alabama


Today is the first Sunday in November, which means that it is HOMECOMING Sunday for Smyrna Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama. As I look back over the almost 20 years I’ve been a pastor this little church, where I served for just over two years, was one of the best experiences of my ministry and my life. I remember every detail about the building, the parsonage, the grounds. I spent many moments walking with God around the property and the cemetery across the street. God did amazing things in my life and in the life of the church during that time. I have often regretted the decision to leave that place of ministry.

As they celebrate Homecoming today I offer my thanks to God for their faithfulness and ministry and for the privilege of being one of their pastors through the years. Lord willing, one day I will have opportunity to visit with them and join in the sweet fellowship they share one again.

God bless you Smyrna Baptist Family!  You are still the Sunday place to be!


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