I Remember September 12th

I remember September 11, 2001.

But, I also remember September 12, 2001, when the hearts and minds of our nation were stirred to turn to God and people from all walks of life prayed. We prayed for the people still trapped beneath the fallen towers. We prayed for the first responders who had so bravely faced that horrible and tragic day. We prayed for the families who would have an empty seat at the table. We prayed for a nation that had been rocked from one coast to the other by the events in the east. We prayed for the soldier, men and women who would be leaving home to respond across the ocean to this attack. We prayed, and we worshipped, and we looked to God.

I remember the days following September 11th. The people of our nation were moved with patriotism and we were The UNITED States of America. There was no black…no Hispanic…no white, just American. Flags were raised on the homes and business of people of all colors and nat…(tharr be more)ionalities in our country. We joined hands with the people next to us in solidarity without first looking to see what color their skin was, or what political party they were part of.

I remember September 11th, and I’m left wondering: Why does it take tragedy and crisis to unite us? Why can we only seem to look past race and politics when we are in trouble. Hurricanes, earth quakes, floods, and terrorist attacks seem to force us to look past the surface. There we see the elements that unite and strengthen us. Patriotism…Loyalty…Tolerance…Love for Country and for our Fellow Man.

Today people will be remembering September 11th. But I wonder will they remember what September 11th revealed about our nation? Will the remember what we experienced together in the days following that tragic Tuesday? Will they regret that our nation has lost sight of that sense of unity in the larger community? Will they long for the spiritual drive of those days that compelled people to look toward the heavens in prayer?

Will it make a difference on September 11, 2013?


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