What I think of Miley Cyrus’ Performance at the VMA

OK…OK…I’ll weigh in…gosh.  Why do people always want to know what I think about stuff?  The topic: Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA awards.  After so many…Many…MANY…posts, comments, articles and protests about the performance, people have asked my opinion.  I have been reluctant to give it because, well, I really don’t care that much, but for the sake of not seeming out of touch or prudish, here goes:

Real simple, if you expected anything different from MTV and today’s rising pop-culture icons then you are naive.  I watched about thirty seconds of a video link someone sent to me and shut it off.  There is a reason I don’t watch MTV.  I remember really liking the channel…when it was MUSIC VIDEOS.  Now I don’t even pay attention to what’s on there because it’s either drama or…dare I say…C.R.A.P. (Corrupt, Raunchy, And Putrid)! 

If I thought that protesting would make a difference then I might, but it doesn’t.  If I thought that petitions would impact the actions of “child thespians gone wild” I’d sign them, but it doesn’t.  I make my opinion known by NOT WATCHING TRASH.  This is why I can’t really offer an opinion on Miley’s performance, or any other for that matter.

I can offer an opinion, however, on something else.  As I understand it there were thousands in attendance for the live production.  In addition to the live audience tens of millions tuned in around the world to the program.  I imagine that if people are truly outraged, and if those offended celebrities and spokespeople are genuinely appalled by such shenanigans, next years audience numbers will be in the hundreds or perhaps thousands rather than millions and millions and millions.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see just how genuine all this negative response truly is.

Glad you asked.



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