Enhance the Romance: IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YA?

ENHANCE THE ROMANCE – June 1, 2013 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/299434600260/)

Today in Vermont we are in the low 90s.  This is very unusual for us so early in the year, and it’s quite uncomfortable.  One thing, however, about heat like this is that it gets everyone’s attention.  Everyone is talking about it.  The famous question has been asked dozens of times already today: 


So, I thought I would make this into a marriage post and ask you, “IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YA?”

See, all this heat and humidity has reminded me to challenge and encourage you to keep your marriage HOT.  You know what I mean, right.  The reality is that the hotter you keep things at home the less likely either spouse is to go searching elsewhere for the HEAT.  Studies, and experience, have demonstrated that over time our relationships have a tendency to cool off in the area of passion. 

So, I challenge you today to STOKE THE FLAMES in your relationship, and keep things HOT! 

(This is intended for the benefit and pleasure of BOTH spouses)


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