A Day to Celebrate and Remember

It is fitting and significant that on this day that we honor the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. we also recognize the inauguration of President Barrack Obama. I may not agree with everything President Obama has done or promises to do, but I am thankful to be alive at a time to see the legacy birthed in the dream of Dr. King stretching to this point.


Years ago my family stumbled upon a fountain in Montgomery, AL where the text of Amos 5.24 appears on the civil rights memorial. Justice and righteousness. These were not words that King chose lightly, but rooted in his deep faith and honor of God. He credited God with everything, and called on God for everything.


Decades ago the decision was made to set today apart to honor the man who stood for freedom and equality, and ultimately sacrificed his life for that struggle. As we honor Dr. King today I would ask that we also honor what He honored. He knew that freedom, equality, and rights would not come free, but only as people called out to God and were willing to pay the price required. As we honor his legacy let’s recall that the songs and music of the old Negro Spirituals demonstrated a faith that stood in the face of adversity and a desperate desire and need for God’s presence and intervention.

Today our president will place his hand on two Bibles. I’m praying that our nation will place our faith in those same pages and in the God who is revealed therein.


“But let justice run down as waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Amos 5.24


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