It’s Not Enough!

It’s Not Enough!

I have not been to church in almost two weeks! That’s probably a surprising admission for a pastor to make. Even more that I have not been to my church service in almost three weeks. Travel and illness have kept me from my church community. There are many who would say that this is not a big deal. After all, I am very faithful (I suppose I have to be as the pastor). However, I know that this is not enough. It is not enough to be hit or miss when it comes to participating in church. It is not enough to connect with the community of faith in a sporadic and inconsistent way. It is not enough to only be with the family of fellowship on an occasional basis.

I’m getting older (WOW – two major admissions in one posting!). Later this month I will celebrate one of those annual anniversaries that reminds us that we are aging. One of the things about getting older, however, is that you start to realize how much you have taken relationships for granted through the years. Friends and family that you were close to growing-up, yet now you rarely see. Distance creeps in quite subtly, and before you know it close relationships become distant memories.
This is what happens with week we “take a break” from gathering with the people of God in fellowship with God. Suddenly you find yourself wondering why you can’t seem to connect with God, but you don’t realize that you have allowed dust and ashes to build up on the altar. It’s time that we (I) committed to lighting the altar fire of worship, fanned by the Spirit of God, and let those flames blaze in praise with God and His people.

1 Kings 18.30 tells us that on Mount Carmel, as Elijah was about to take a stand against the false prophets of his day, HE REPAIRED THE ALTAR OF THE LORD THAT WAS BROKEN DOWN. There, on top of the mountain, just before an amazing demonstration of God’s power and presence, Elijah began by returning to the foundations of the faith. For us, we need to be reminded to return to the foundations of our faith and the bedrock elements of worship, fellowship, and service.

My question for you…IS IT TIME TO REBUILD AND RETURN TO YOUR WORSHIP ALTAR (your church)? Get back where you belong! You are missed, and you are missing more than you realize.


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