Why There’s Still Room on that Ol’ Bandwagon I’m not on…

Someone asked me recently, why don’t I post politically charged messages on FaceBook like my other conservative friends frequently do (This was actual not a conservative asking).  My initial response, thinking back to it, was a cop-out, and I’m sorry that I didn’t think before responding with some lame reply that didn’t really give an answer, and probably was more of an excuse than a valid reason. 

The fact is, I have heard the call to get on the bandwagon.  I do feel passionately about things, and, though I’m not a fan of labels, I am generally conservative politically.  The reason I don’t “like” all the postings that slam the president, or “share” as many politically conservative images and slogans as my other friends is because that is not where my priorities are found.  The message that I am most concerned with posting and getting out there is…well, these lyrics from a song I heard several years ago say it as well as I could:  

It’s not conservative or liberal,
However they’re defined;
It’s not about interpretation,
Or the judgment of the mind;
It’s the opposite of politics,
Power or prestige;
It’s about a simple message,
And whether we believe.

It’s still the cross,
It’s still the blood of Calvary;
That cleanses sins,
And sets the captives free.
It’s still the name,
The name of Jesus,
That has power to save the lost;
It’s still the cross.

Here’s a Video of the Song from YouTube if you want to watch it:

“It’s Still The Cross”

See, for me, the most important message I have to share has little to do with politics or who occupies the oval office.  Not that those things are not important, it’s just that they pale in comparison with the significance of the message of the cross of Jesus Christ.  The hope for our communities, for our state, for our country is not found in the alabaster building in our capital cities, but in the message of the love of God for rebellious children, demonstrated in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross (Romans 5.8).

So, I have family and  friends who are conservative and liberal, and they share those views in a variety of ways on the social media sites.  What I am most concerned with, however, is have they met Jesus Christ, the one whose name has the power to save the lost?  That’s the status update I most wish to see.  That’s why I share the messages I do and let the other ones pass by.  This is what matters most to me.



One Comment

  1. I personally don’t believe that God would want us to slander either party. Does that show a loving heart? Let’s face it…..God is the ONLY one who knows the path, who are we to judge Him. What happens in government is important, but God know’s all things, He will be the final judge. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, folks. Jesus shed his blood for us….we should be doing more praying and less bad mouthing that he may show us (and the politians) the way….HE IS the final judge.


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