Trail Guide–Directions for the Journey of a Lifetime IX

REVIEW: Looking Back at Your Third Step on the Trail

Prayer is Important Enough That Jesus Did It

Review these Scriptures and Make Notes about what you read

  •  Matthew 14:23
  •  Mark 1:35
  •  Mark 6:46
  •  Luke 5:16
  • Luke 6:12
  •  Luke 9:18
  •  Luke 9:28
  •  Luke 22:41

Jesus Taught us Many Things About Praying

  •  He taught us to pray at all times and not lose heart (Luke 18.1-8)
  •  He taught us to pray simply and earnestly (Matthew 6.5-13)
  •  He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us pray (Romans 8.26-27)

Using the ACTS acrostic fill in the following in your trail journal

  • A – Adoration
    • Write some words here that you would use to praise the Lord and worship Him.

  • C – Confession
    • Think about words, actions, attitudes, or time when you should have done something but didn’t and confess it to the Lord.

  • T – Thanksgiving
    • Write two or three things here that you are thankful for. Tell God “Thank You” as you pray.

  • S – Supplication
    • Are you aware of something in your life or in someone else’s life that needs to be a matter of prayer?

Something to Consider – Prayer & Quiet Time

Here is a copy of one of the pages I developed for my own quiet time. Feel free to copy it and use it, or take it and change it to fit what you want your quiet time to be.


Quiet Time Journal

Date: _________________ Time: ________________

Location: ____________________________________

Beginning Thoughts and Questions


Scripture Passages


Prayer Time:

My Prayers: ________________________________________


God’s Response: ___________________________________


Things I’m Wrestling with or Wondering About:


Thoughts for Next Quiet Time: ________________________



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