For those who didn’t know already, I’m a new Papa! With the birth of Amaria Starr Bentley to my son and his wife I enter the world of grand-parenting. I’m really looking forward to being a Papa–from what I’m told it’s the best thing in the world. Later this year my second grand-daughter will be born to my daughter and her husband. I’m thinking that this could well be one of the best years of my life.

I would love to hear the stories, encouragements, warnings, and more from other grandparents. Post them here.



About bigdbentley

MEET DAVE "BIG D" BENTLEY - A MAN OF MANY HATS I wear a lot of hats in the course of my life. I wear the "husband hat" with my wife, Andie, whom I have been married to for 26 years. I wear the "daddy hat" with my children, Danielle and David, and their spouses, Micah and Tracie. I am privileged to don my "Papa hat" with my two gorgeous grand-daughters, Amaria and Jaydan, and my energetic grandson, Jethro. I wear the "pastor hat" with my church congregation in Wallingford, Vermont. I have served churches in West Virginia, Alabama, Florida and Vermont. In December of last year my wife and I accepted the call to serve in Wallingford, Vermont. In addition to this variety of caps, I am a student, attending Liberty University to receive a Masters in Teaching in Elementary Education as well as secondary Language Arts. My hobbies tend to revolve around my family, so they include, camping, traveling, playing board games, and spending time with them. In addition I enjoy reading, rainy days, listening to and playing worship songs, and cooking.

2 responses to “PAPA DAVE”

  1. Marsha Ciavola says :

    Hey Bro David,
    Its great seeing ya even if it is a blog. We miss you guys & hope all is well up there. Hear there is a new grandbaby in the family. Congratulations. Just finishing up our second semester of Revelation only another year to go. It s incredible. Falling in with whats happening in the world today.. If you havent tried the Precept Studies, I cant recommend them enough.. Ive learned so much. At a total other level. God is faithful. Love ya , Love too Andie too , M

    • bigdbentley says :

      Thanks Marsha,
      It’s such a joy being a Papa. Danielle will be adding to that in July! Woo hoo!
      I use precepts in my personal study time, have not gotten one going “church-wide” yet. Working on that for this Fall when we start our new season of small group studies.
      Hope you are all doing well. Give our best to everyone.
      Papa and Mimi Bentley

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